Utility Cart

Length(mm) G.B.C OPEN 3,160 3,333
G.B.C CLOSED 2,600
Width (mm) 1,200 1,380
Height (mm) 1,750 1,865
Wheelbase (mm) 1,660 2,150
Power to go up the Hills(˚) 20 27
Minimum radius of rotation(m) 2.7 3.5
Speed(km/h) Electromagnetic induction Max 25 Max 25
Weight (kg) Excluding batteries 280 480
Including batteries 440 630
Carrying box (mm) 1,300X1,100X250
Weight of load (kg) 500
Motor DC 48V 2.5kw AC 48V 4.5kw
Tire 18-8.5-8 155/70-12 6PR
Battery 48V, 170Ah 48V, 190Ah
Suspension Front wheel W-Wishbone W-Wishbone
Back wheel Link Link
Brake Mecjanica -drum brakes / Foot brake Four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes / Electronic brake


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