United Smart Electric Vehicles

United Smart Electric Vehicles is organized to continuously develop and market innovative Low Speed Electric Vehicle solutions for work, play, live urban and suburban environments.  Our associates are actively engaged in helping to spread the pioneering use of our electric vehicles in order to help reduce the carbon footprint of the world and make USEV the Green Vehicles of choice for modern transportation.

Every successful business uses advantages to separate them from the competition. At USEV we have many advantages that are uniquely part of our culture and a part of the DNA of our company.  It starts with our people, our craftsmanship, our superior technology, our manufacturing processes; all delivering that unparalleled ride from a blend of advanced technology and incomparable design.

Let’s start with what a few of our valued customers have to say about USEV.

President and CEO United Smart Electric Vehicles Bio

James Park, President of United Smart Electric Vehicles North and South America, has been dedicated to developing and bringing the industry’s best NEV’s and LSV’s to dealers and customers across a wide and diverse market environment.  He has been working in the electric vehicle industry since 2005 and envisions that USEV will soon acquire a significant share of the North and South American EV markets.

Mr. Park, who currently headquarters USEV from offices in Atlanta, Georgia, has been with the firm since the inception of its entry into North America. He began working with several large Dealer organizations that have shown dramatic interest in wanting to distribute the USEV product line.  As the best in their category, United Smart Electric Vehicles can be found in environments ranging from golf courses to planned communities, resorts, factories, airports and in industrial sites. In addition to leading USEV, Park serves on the DaeChung Motors Advisory Team, comprised of the top executives within and outside the corporation.

As the senior member of the USEV management team, Park was instrumental in obtaining initial market acceptance of the company’s EV product line by creating demand through establishing key relationships in the trade, finding trade partners in North America, Central America, the Caribbean, and South America, and working with important legislative agencies in the U.S.

He is actively engaged in the management and expansion process of the USEV Dealer network.